探してあてて下さった方に $1000差し上げます。

1月24日午前11時、僕らの大切なクマたちはEmeryville にある映画館、Bay st 16 movie theatreで迷子になってしまった。彼らはジップロックバックに入ったまま、映画館のロビーのどこかに落っこちてしまった。僕らはこの千ドルという大金の懸賞金を、迷子のクマの噂が広がる手掛かりとして提示している。この懸賞金が人々の関心を引き、やがてクマを拾ってくれた人の耳に入り、僕らの大切なクマたちを家に連れて来てくれると心から願っている。

Day 4: Bears Are Everywhere…

Another day

In the past 24 hours I have done a fair bit of walking about town. I put up an occasional flyer, but mostly I was storming my brain for new ways of approaching this search.  It seemed like every few blocks I would see a bear in one form or another. There was the bear in the bank logo, then the bear on the bumper-sticker, followed by the bear in a shop window… Bears everywhere.

Well, it’s the end of day 4 and there are no new clues. :( We are however, making real progress in getting the word out. We’ve been posting links to the video and the bear blog, and I think it is helping. Our video views is growing hourly as are the blog views! Thank you to all of you for posting the bear video for us on your site/blog/FB etc. Thank you to Mixi over at Kawaii Frenzy for her kind post.  Hopefully the right person will see the video and bring those bears home -(and make a nice chunk of change in the process)!  We also are compiling a list of local (Bay Area) newspaper reporters who run “local interest” stories.  We are going to email them a picture of those cute Bears and ask for their help. That’s what we are working with right now. I am open to any ideas you may have- drop us a line on the contact page.. Here are the last few pictures we took of the Bears before their disappearance.

Bath Time

All clean!

No! No! No! We don't want a bath!

Oooooh! Feels good! :)

Dinner time..

A repost of the video…


2 comments to Day 4: Bears Are Everywhere…

  • Eva

    Best of luck with finding the bears!!! My boyfriend and I have both shared this link on our Facebooks – hopefully the word will spread quickly and your bears can return home soon.

  • Bear #1 and Bear #2

    Thank you! We do really appreciate it. :) I’m feeling hopeful..

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