探してあてて下さった方に $1000差し上げます。

1月24日午前11時、僕らの大切なクマたちはEmeryville にある映画館、Bay st 16 movie theatreで迷子になってしまった。彼らはジップロックバックに入ったまま、映画館のロビーのどこかに落っこちてしまった。僕らはこの千ドルという大金の懸賞金を、迷子のクマの噂が広がる手掛かりとして提示している。この懸賞金が人々の関心を引き、やがてクマを拾ってくれた人の耳に入り、僕らの大切なクマたちを家に連れて来てくれると心から願っている。

Bears ride the Neko Bus!

Hello all! The Bears still haven’t turned up, but we are still holding out. I decided to make todays post light and fun and tell a story from last years summer vacation with the Bears..

Last summer my girlfriend and I brought the Bears with us on a trip to Japan. Actually, the Bears hid in our luggage at the last moment and brought themselves on our trip to Japan.. Many of the photos we have of the Bears come from that trip. It seemed like every time we tried to take a picture they would hop out in front of the camera, always in a perfect pose.. One of the must do items on our itinerary was to visit the Ghibli Museum. For those of you unfamiliar with Studio Ghibli , they are an animation studio in Japan headed by Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata. Some of the more famous titles they have produced are “Kiki’s Delivery Service”, “Princess Mononoke”, “My Neighbor Totoro” and “Spirited Away”.

The films they produce are enjoyable for people of all ages and explore such themes as humanity’s relationship to nature, the planet’s environmental degradation and many other important and ethical ideas. They always leave me feeling uplifted and positive, and I couldn’t recommend them more.

The Studio Ghibli Museum

The museum itself is unlike any museum you will ever see. It is set back in a park, and with it’s grassy rooftops and organic shapes, it actually feels like it is part of the natural landscape. Inside, the whole experience is designed to be interactive, explorative and unplanned. There are no signs telling you where to go, no ropes to guide you; it feels very open and relaxed. While in the gift shop we bought a small stuffed “neko bus” toy (neko being the Japanese word for cat). This is a very famous character from the film “My Neighbor Totoro”.

"Neko Bus" on the rooftop

When we got  home and brought out the Neko Bus, the Bears went crazy! They played with it all evening long- jumping, riding, and chasing it all over the house. I was lucky to catch them on camera during all this craziness. We put it to the wonderful “Neko Bus Theme” music written by Joe Hisaishi which is from the actual film. It is short but sweet. Enjoy!!

- Thank you everyone for your continued help in helping us find our Bears. We are very grateful for everything. If you are new to the site, check out the other Bear’s videos here and here.


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