探してあてて下さった方に $1000差し上げます。

1月24日午前11時、僕らの大切なクマたちはEmeryville にある映画館、Bay st 16 movie theatreで迷子になってしまった。彼らはジップロックバックに入ったまま、映画館のロビーのどこかに落っこちてしまった。僕らはこの千ドルという大金の懸賞金を、迷子のクマの噂が広がる手掛かりとして提示している。この懸賞金が人々の関心を引き、やがてクマを拾ってくれた人の耳に入り、僕らの大切なクマたちを家に連れて来てくれると心から願っている。

Good Bear, Nice Bear…

Updates in the search:

  • Bear Blog and youtube views are growing daily!
  • I emailed local journalists over the weekend!
  • More flyers have gone up..

Thank you:

  • Thanks to Ayumi for featuring our Bear story on her Blog!
  • Thanks to Akiha, Chiaki, Todd, Mona, Bic, Eva, and everyone else who posted on their Facebook!
  • Thanks to John and Ken for the Tweets!
  • Thank you to Steve, Colin, Matt, Sandra, Kristi, Steffan for helping spread the  word!
  • Thank you Chris, for his post over at Jakit!
  • Special thank you to Ginny Prior for offering to run our story in the Montclarion!
  • Thank you to everyone else, for your kind emails and support.

Whew!  Lots of internet activity this weekend. Just now I received a reply to one of my emails and it looks like another paper will be running our story! :)  I will announce the details once I know more.  We are now more hopeful than ever that our search will bring our Bear friends back home. Over the weekend my girlfriend and I reminisced about some of the wild Bear episodes which they have been through. This disappearance surely takes the cake though…

Bears overlooking Hamamatsucho in Tokyo this summer..

Safety Tips

Today I thought I would post some common Bear safety tips in case you encounter our Bears. They may be only 3 inches tall, but they are still Bears!

  • Remain calm and avoid sudden movements.

-Yes, they are cute; don’t get too excited!

  • Give the bear plenty of room, allowing it to continue its activities undisturbed.

-This is a good point. If our Bears see that they have your attention they may say “Whatchoolooking at!” and run over and start dancing on and around you. Careful!

  • If you spot a bear and the bear is unaware of you, detour quickly and quietly away.

-Don’t do this. We want you to bring our Bears home!

  • If spotted by a bear, try to get its attention while it is a good distance away. Help the bear to recognize that you are human, by talking to it in a normal voice or waving your arms. If a bear cannot tell what you are, it may come closer or stand on its hind legs to get a better look or smell. A standing bear is usually curious, not threatening.

-Hmm. Our bears are so short that that is doubtful that you could see them from too far away. Also, don’t worry about them recognizing your humanness. #2 will definitely know you are human. I don’t think #1 thinks about such things… Our Bears are always on their hind legs, but the above still applies- curious, not threatening!

  • Never run from a bear. Running may elicit a chase from an otherwise non-aggressive bear, and since they can run faster than 30 mph, you have no chance of outrunning them.

-While it is true that running from our Bears will most likely elicit a chase, they can’t run very fast. If you walk briskly while pretending to run, they should be able to keep pace. They will love this! This is a good Bear capturing technique..

  • Never feed or toss food to a bear.

Change “never” to “always” and you have your primary method for the capturing of our dear Bears!

Mmmmm, sushi....

  • Throw something onto the ground (like a camera) if the bear pursues you, as it may be distracted by this and allow you to escape.

-Don’t do that! A better technique with our Bears would be to take their picture with your camera. They love having their picture taken and will pose all day long! (This is another great method of capture).

These tips should help you capture our friends should you come across them. They should also save  you from any em-bear-rassing situations arising from your attempted capture of the Bears. Thank you people! Good luck!

The world through rose-tinted glasses..

#2 wants to see things both ways!


3 comments to Good Bear, Nice Bear…

  • I’ve posted the cute video and story on my twitter account which defaults to both my Facebook & Myspace accounts. Good Luck and positive thoughts from the East Bay.

  • Cathy Schneider

    Adorable story, saw you on the news last night and are hoping your little friends are located. I would like to see more sentimental news like this instead of all the coverage on gruesome events in the world.

  • Bear #1 and Bear #2

    Thank you!!

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