探してあてて下さった方に $1000差し上げます。

1月24日午前11時、僕らの大切なクマたちはEmeryville にある映画館、Bay st 16 movie theatreで迷子になってしまった。彼らはジップロックバックに入ったまま、映画館のロビーのどこかに落っこちてしまった。僕らはこの千ドルという大金の懸賞金を、迷子のクマの噂が広がる手掛かりとして提示している。この懸賞金が人々の関心を引き、やがてクマを拾ってくれた人の耳に入り、僕らの大切なクマたちを家に連れて来てくれると心から願っている。

A Handsome Pair, and A New Movie!

Hello good people. It looks like great kindness has been bestowed on us once again. Our wonderful Bear benefactor has delivered us yet another great surprise! We can hardly believe it, but we received another package from Japan and guess what? It’s a boy!

A handsome pair indeed!

He is such a sweet Bear! He is taller than Bear #3, and has a cute big head. :) We think he is the older cousin of #1 #2 and #3. We were trying to figure out what name to call him by, and it only seemed natural to call him Bear #4! We have only just begun getting to know him, but right away he was like family. He isn’t shy at all, and doesn’t even seem to mind Bear #3′s new favorite game of climbing all over the top of his head! Bear #3 loves having him here, and she has offered to share her new Bear travel pouch with him.. We told him with the story of Bear #1 and Bear #2, and he really likes watching their videos.

We took them out today to see a little of the city, but more importantly to have some treats! Here are a few pictures of this handsome pair.

Bear #3 and Bear #4 at the sweet shop!

Welcome to the United States! Have a cupcake!


Checking out some local sights!

Bear #4 really liked sampling the local delicacies, but was still a little jet lagged so we ended the day early..

It is hard to describe the feeling that having another pair of Bears brings us… They don’t feel like replacements of Bear #1 and Bear #2 at all. They have their own personalities and are totally different from Bear#1 and #2. Though we are no longer Bear-less, we still miss Bear #1 and #2 like crazy, and every day hope for their return! That being said, having these sweet Bears around shines a light into our lives that is wonderful and welcome.

To the sender of the Bears:

Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!! You are awesome! We promise to give these Bears a happy life full of good food and love! :)

Other Good News:

Bear #4 isn’t the only great news around here.. We just finished Bear #1 and Bear #2′s final video (until their return!).  We love it and hope you do to. Thank you for caring about our Bears.


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