探してあてて下さった方に $1000差し上げます。

1月24日午前11時、僕らの大切なクマたちはEmeryville にある映画館、Bay st 16 movie theatreで迷子になってしまった。彼らはジップロックバックに入ったまま、映画館のロビーのどこかに落っこちてしまった。僕らはこの千ドルという大金の懸賞金を、迷子のクマの噂が広がる手掛かりとして提示している。この懸賞金が人々の関心を引き、やがてクマを拾ってくれた人の耳に入り、僕らの大切なクマたちを家に連れて来てくれると心から願っている。

Bears In Britain?


Hello Good people! Life is good down here at Bear Central (aside from our still missing Bears of course). Bear #3 and Bear #4 have become well adjusted to life here in the United States. They seem to have quite an appetite for delicious snacks, and their late night movie watching shows no sign of cessation. They have had some great ideas for a new Bear movie that we could make with them as the stars! It is a pretty ambitious idea they came up with, so I am not sure when I will get around to it. I think after I finish the project I am working on, it could be a nice break…
On to today’s post!

Mysterious Charges..


What’s all this? Well, recently some strange charges have started appearing on our credit card.. The origin? You guessed it- the UK. We logically assumed it was just a petty crook who had gotten their hands on our credit card number, so we canceled the card- case closed. All was well, but after a couple days our creative brains got hold of this story, and started spinning out it’s own version of how these curious charges came to be…

More Fish and Chips please!


I think I mentioned in a previous post how Bear #1 and Bear #2 liked to order things off the internet; anything from several pounds of raw fish, to ballet tickets (they like the Nutcracker a lot). The procedure went something like this.. Bear #2 being more numerically inclined, would read off our credit card information to Bear #1 who hopped, skipped and tripped from key to computer key doing his best to input the information. This practice would sometimes take them all day. After all, it is probably pretty difficult to perform a sequence of sixteen perfect hops across a computer keyboard. I can imagine Bear #2′s voice, “No, you missed that last one.. Deeeeleeeete #1! That was Return! OOOOpps sorry! Start over..” I would come home and Bear #1 would be snoring away on a pillow several times larger than he, thoroughly exhausted from this not so fun version of Dance Dance Revolution .
Anyway, these unknown charges got us thinking that maybe our Bears were at it again, only this time they were spending our money in Britain!

I can see them now, walking the London streets, stopping into the pub for some snacks after a long day of sight seeing. Bear #1 is probably searching for the best fish and chips in town, always asking for extra tartar sauce and lots of malt vinegar! Bear #2 probably went to see the beeeeeeautiful crown jewels and is having tea every afternoon with the Queen. “Well you know Queen, we Bears understand..”
Then there is Paddington station. They probably go there every morning and ask all the commuters where they can find that big Bear wearing the blue coat and cool hat.
Then they walk the High street visiting boutiques and fancy shops in search of gourmet snack and exotic sweets. “Charge it!” they squeak out in unison..
Oh sweet Bears, if we were sure it was you spending our money we would gladly fund your extravagant ventures. Besides, we know you are resourceful and generally self sufficient- you are Bears! Go out and show them who is Boss!
Come home soon Bears- we miss you.
Bear #3 and #4 say hi!


Here are some more cute pictures of Bear #1 and #2 in Japan last summer.


What's in the bag?


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